This is not an attack on My Sisters who are Christian. This is an attack on the Lack of Discernment showed when someone points out the flaws in The Political System of Christianity. Everyone is welcome to believe as they wish. However when your belief promotes injustice of WOmen and children, then it is wise to re-evaluate your belief. The Bible is NOT nice toward women. It places the blame for sin on the Woman. It promotes Male Dominance and the Unjust killing of women and children. It is no wonder that the ones more oppressed are WOmen and Children in some of these churches. Claims of Rape, Molestation, Incest and Abuse have always been made in our communities. Often times these claims fell on DEAF EARS. Since WOMEN make up the MAJORITY of the church population it is only fair to question why these women sit in partake in their own demise. How can Some of You WOmen sit and say NOTHING when your children are around these predators. Why do some of you protect them by using scriptures that state "you are not to judge" or "revenge is my says the lord?" DO you not see that your Silence and Lack of Discernment are producing more women who are full of hurt, anger, rage and self destructive thought patterns. Many of these WOmen and children grow up to hate themselves and the WOmb that birthed them. They contemplate suicide and I have talked to many women who dislike Men because of what one Man in authority was allowed to do. Black women and WOmen All over the world who hold to Christian Beliefs without bias please begin to question why the same book that states you are "unclean during your period" also give you a pass on "paying 10% of your income?"

This is a Teaching by Alexys K Tylor called "VAGINA POWER IN THE CHURCH"

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